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who are the klangkojoten for?

for everybody that makes music for the sake of making music. we play your songs the way you wrote them, authentic and uncensored. no scheme, no grid. only the music counts.

what you should know about our agb

we think it's great that in our society good manners and being fair to each other is on the rise. we too want to treat artists fair and want to be treated fairly in return.

when you send one or more songs you can get out any time. we're only allowed to play it as long as you say so. in oficialese thats called "begrenztes nutzungsrecht". that means that when you got out we don't hold any rights to your songs.

contact mani

A picture of mani

in order to send in your songs, just give us your name and contact info and mani will contact you. there are no obligation, you can always get out and its completely free. we just want good music.

good to know:

  • every song remains yours, we just play it
  • you can add or remove songs any time
  • klangkojoten doesn't cost you anything
  • your music is published for free
  • songs have to be from you and can not be listed at the gema
thank you for sending your songs. mani will contact you and we can't wait to play them.